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XBRL Services

XBRL is empowering a new, global financial information network that represents the future of financial communications. For many businesses, this journey into the future begins with regulatory compliance and presents both challenges and opportunities. BSJ & Associates have a dedicated team to support you on that journey by ensuring accurate and on-time filing with minimal/no effort. BSJ & Associates offers two variants of XBRL services for its clients;

A. Full Service

  • Mapping & Tagging.
  • Validation & Creation of error free XBRL instance documents.
  • Support services for solving queries from client and auditors of the company if any.
  • Edits to the instance document according to the suggestions from client and auditors of the company, provided the same is supported by software and business rules of MCA.
  • Certification & Filing at MCA.


B. In House Consultancy

  • Assistance in selection of appropriate software.
  • Assistance in validating XBRL instances.
  • Review of XBRL instances to ensure compliance of MCA business rules
  • Review report highlighting changes to be incorporated to make XBRL instances MCA business rule compliant.
  • Certification & Filing at MCA.



Our XBRL team consists of trained finance professionals. Entire team is managed by XBRL specialists who have vast experience and expertise on XBRL conversion process of US SEC & MCA filing.

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